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The Transiting Moon

Notes from an Astrologer's Personal Handbook

To ordinary people, the Moon is simply a planet which illuminates the night sky. It brings the reflected light of a setting sun. To the astrologer this illuminated planet, the Moon, is the key to the whole of Earth's life rhythm. There is a biorhythm to our day-to-day experience, and the Moon, moving through the Zodiac, can give us clues as to what we may experience.

Modern medicine concedes that our hearts beat with a predictable rhythm and that other bodily functions also correspond to certain rhythms. The organs and functions vary of course, but generally, they are consistent for living beings within a certain range. We all have a circadian rhythm, which cycles about once every day. It is recognized that these periodic biological cycles do affect our physical and mental performance.

What is the Transiting Moon?

Chronobiology is a field of science that examines periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to solar- and lunar-related rhythms. These cycles are known as biological rhythms. It is obvious how the Moon's gravitational pull affects the tides on Earth during both the New Moon and Full Moon each month. Yet there is a growing body of evidence that suggests the lunar phases are related to these periodic biological cycles, which influence our physical and mental performance.

The Moon moves through the Zodiac (12 signs) and makes a complete cycle every 29½ days. So we experience each one of the 12 signs in the Zodiac once a month, changing approximately every 2½ days. The Moon in a particular sign correspondingly sets what we call our emotional tones for the day. Everyone does not experience these emotional tones in the same fashion. Depending on each person's Moon placement in the Natal Chart and other tendencies associated with placement of planets in specific signs, the Moon activates each individual's emotional and physical experiences in fairly characteristic ways as it passes through each of the 12 signs during the course of a month. When we tune into these emotional clues symbolized by the transit of the Moon through the signs, we have a better indicator of what to expect from each day.

An Example of the Transiting Moon's Effect

Clarence King, a supervisor at a major corporation, wanted to get his employees retrained in using a new software program that would require extra study time. He informed his employees about the transition to the new software program and the study time required to master it for the daily operation of his division. He chose to start during a time when the transiting Moon was moving thru the sign of Pisces.

Pisces is a sign that is concerned with inspiration, or the idealistic motivation to take on a task for the betterment of the whole. This was the ideal that Clarence was trying to sell to his employees, as their work would be more efficient and less time would be spent on the more cumbersome aspects of their department. However, the Zodiac sign of Pisces is not related to the perspiration needed in actual learning of factual new material. Clarence's people were totally confused for 2½ days. Materials and handouts were misplaced. The organization for such a big task as retraining over 25 people was simply non-existent. Clarence was confused as well, since he was normally well organized and disciplined in his approach. He could not understand what went wrong, why this task of retraining was falling apart.

Clarence was unaware of the Moon passing through the sign of Pisces. He did not understand that a water sign was not the best time to begin the difficult process of retraining 25 employees. He would have been more successful had he begun the training as the Moon entered the sign of Aries. Aries is a fire sign and, with rulership over the head, it would have facilitated and energized Clarence's training session, allowing him to accomplish his goal in the short 2½ days given him.

Understanding the rhythms of the Transiting Moon is one simple example of how practical astrological knowledge can help with the day-to-day problems we encounter in our lives.

Loda Shaw Jr., Astrologer