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Client Testimonials

Loda teaches what he calls his "fundamentals approach" to astrology. He begins with very basic information like the chart signature - the elements and the modes of the chart and looks to see how the lights express themselves in this environment. As you move on to more advanced material, many astrological teachers tend to forget the fundamentals - not Loda. He has developed a step by step process that produces insight when learning chart interpretation. Whether teaching the fundamentals, learning how to interpret transits, progressions, solar arcs and horary - Loda can do it all. He excels at chart consultations when life problems need to be seen from an astrological point of view.
K. Smyth, San Diego, California

Loda Shaw is a natural at teaching astrology. His understanding of the subject along with almost 50 years of astrological and spiritual practices make him a wonder. I used to sit in on his beginning classes even though I taught the intermediate level because his teachings always brought fresh insights. Listening to his teaching was like listening to inspirational music. I just had an astrological chart reading from Loda today. Even though I can read my own chart, his wise eyes gave me confirmation and perspective. Years ago he pointed out a pattern in my astrological chart that gave me an awareness that serves me profoundly over the years when I have dealt with the cyclical nature of that pattern.
I. Singletary, Los Angeles, California

I have studied astrology with Loda Shaw for over 6 years, and learned more in the first year with him than I had in the 35 cumulative years of studying astrology prior to finding him. His personal chart reading system uncomplicates and demystifies where to start and how to proceed in logical, practical and effective ways. I can now look at most charts and immediately feel confident in understanding the Natal, secondary progression and current trends. I have also had multiple personal readings and referred family and friends to Loda. I have not seen anyone perceive the information as thoroughly and knowledgeably as Loda. I continue studying with him and unequivocally recommend Loda for all astrological needs.
M. Marelli, Oceanside, California