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The Eighth House

Notes from an Astrologer's Personal Handbook

It always seems to amaze me how many books on astrology relate to the eighth house as an area of life governing, taxes, occult matters, or transformation, not to mention sex, death and rebirth. What is meant by these terms in most cases is not made clear. How can these meanings work in a practical astrological reading? I can only imagine what is being told to a client when a transit or progression enters their eighth house.

The fact of the matter is the eighth house has to do with resources - other people's resources. This is what may be termed "collaborative resources." It is a fancy way of saying joint resources. When we enter into partnership, we not only combine our efforts towards a common goal, but we combine resources too. Be it emotional, mental, or physical, these are used toward a common goal implied by the partnership.

The seventh house is related to one's partner, which can be is a marital or business partner.

The eighth house than will show the financial potential of the partner one attracts in a relationship. In a practical chart reading this becomes important for any type of relationship we enter into where pooling of resources is crucial to the success of the relationship.

For example, Lawrence was an insurance sales person, who worked from the time he was a teenager well into his early sixties. His natal Sun and Mercury were located in the eighth house in the sign of Taurus. Working hard and being focused on earning money were important to a Sun-in-Taurus personality and Lawrence was no different. The eighth house influence came into play, as Lawrence managed the financial side of his long-term marital relationship. He was well aware of what his wife earned monetarily and kept records to track both their incomes. However, in time Lawrence and his wife were able to afford their first house and a bit later, an apartment building they brought as dual owners from a source of supplemental income. The focused Sun and Mercury in the eighth house gave Lawrence an interest in financial collaboration with his wife which allowed them to purchase a home and an apartment building.

The eighth house is an important house to have a practical grasp on when reading an astrological chart. There is more to this house than sex, death or taxes.

Loda Shaw Jr., Astrologer