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A Page from an Astrologer's Notebook

Astrology with its various techniques of assessment of personality and forecasting can get quite intricate. Yet at times, I look to answer a simple problem to whatever current dilemma I'm facing. Grocery shopping may not be considered a major dilemma, but when I have to stay within a budget, I certainty need some extra help!

Being a Leo Sun sign with a Gemini Moon, staying within my budget is work. Fire and Air signs do not understand the idea of limitation as suggested by the idea of staying within a budget. The simple solution I stumbled on to one day, quite innocently, was using the transiting Moon. I began to notice the signs the Moon was in and keep track of the days I stayed within my grocery shopping budget and the days it was just hopeless.

I would notice that when the transiting Moon is moving thru the signs of Cancer or Capricorn, I was more prone to do better with my prescribed limitation, and it kept me (a Sun fire sign Leo) mindful of my limitations or my budget. You see both signs (Cancer/Capricorn) are considered "thrifty, conserving." This is due to the water and earth elements, which get me to be “"cautious and hesitant" about spending while shopping for those little extras.

If I shop when the Moon is moving through a fire or air sign, I tend to be less conservative with money or, should I say, my debit card. As it moves thru fire or air, as I tend to shop much faster and those little extras tend to wind up in my shopping cart as I move toward the checkout line. (It is all about getting in the store, grabbing what I need and getting out as quickly as possible, fire and air signs.)

In fact, I have since learned that by picking days when the transiting Moon is moving thru a water or earth sign rather than a fire and air sign tends to work for me in spending less on food shopping. Now don't get me wrong, this is not a perfect system by any means. I have had times where I messed up and the Moon has been in a water or earth sign. But for the most part, this system has worked for me more times than it has not.

Then there have been times I've picked up defective products - you know the ones with the past-due date or the dented item. Because I was focused getting in and out of the supermarket quickly (again fire and air), I did not notice those items until I got home. Usually I've noticed when this happens that the transiting Moon was in difficult aspect to transiting Saturn. It was frustrating since it meant another trip back to the store to return the items. On the other side of the scale, when I tend to buy the more expensive food item, it seems linked to transiting Moon in difficult aspect to transiting Jupiter or Venus.

Well as you can see from my experience using the transiting Moon as a navigation tool to solve life's simple problems can be quite revealing. As I am writing this, I wonder where the Moon is currently and what its effects had on motivating me to write this article. Guess that will be the subject of a later article!

Loda Shaw Jr., Astrologer